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Don’t Worry Be Happy

Why is positivity the hardest thing we struggle with today? It’s simple. We are conformed by all the things going wrong around us. It is hard to grasp the things that turn up good for us. Yes, it’s scary to admit that this generation is full of increases of depression. Wait, but I am not just talking about the teenagers. Depression affects all different ages from young children all the way to adults. Trust me when I say, you are not the only one who gets

Tools for Mental Health

Hello amazing people! It’s time for you to clear your flusters, pick up a pen or pencil, and begin to write your worries away. Have you considered journaling? This might be the way you can help yourself cope with anything you are struggling with. Most of us have experience the moment where you just trap yourself with the negative thoughts in your head. Well, writing it down allows you to feel a form of setting it free from your mind.

Mental Health in College

Many college students suffer with a mental health disorder. However, the people around them are not aware of how great of an issue this is. It is time for professors, advisors, and college faculty to be aware of the different signs of a mental health disorder. Most college students are scared to speak up or get help, so let’s make it easier for them and make sure they know they are not alone. Please read the following article to be

Tools For Mental Health

“The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness.” -Sakyong Mipham Have you found yourself being full of negativity? How about you challenge yourself today and take some time to meditate. Meditating is the key to clearing your mind, lowering stress, and increasing your mental wellness. Make this the first step into allowing yourself grow a better mental health!