In partnership with eight local funders, BeWellPBC was launched in 2019. BeWellPBC is a behavioral health movement that is engaging the community’s residents, systems and sectors in meaningful ways to address the county’s behavioral health needs collectively, with the promise that we can do better for our children, families and neighbors.

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The Merrell Family Foundation supports and partners with Palm Health Foundation in their Brain Health initiatives including the John T. Merrell Scholarship for students pursuing a degree in the mental health field and the Train the Brain campaign every October, with the goal of changing the conversation around brain health by helping residents understand that taking care of the brain is just as important as taking care of the body. Throughout the campaign month, residents are encouraged to attend free events that expose them to new brain health habits.

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Just as CPR helps you assist an individual having a heart attack – even if you have no clinical training – Mental Health First Aid helps you identify and assist someone experiencing a mental health related crisis. Merrell Family Foundation funds this 8-hour training, administered by Alpert Jewish Family Service, that not only saves lives, but also helps reduce the overall stigma associated with mental illness by improving mental health literacy.

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The Merrell Family Foundation has partnered with Student ACES to reach their goals to increase awareness of mental health resources and eliminate the stigma of mental illness. Over the course of the year, Student ACES plans to teach Mental Health First Aid to more than 75 high school seniors, who are student athletes. These athletes will be well equipped to identify a mental health crisis on their teams, place of work and in college.

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